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Cake price / portion size guide 2018


Every cake is personal....


Cakes are priced from £40 as each. Each cake is individual made to your requirement.   Just message or call me for a consultation and I can then give you a price.


My basic sponge cakes are moist sponge with buttercream & jam filling, iced with fondant and with a simple decoration. My fruit cakes are rich or light covered in marzipan and fondant with a simple decoration. Each cake is individually priced according to the amount of work involved in creating your bespoke cake and believe me I always spend longer on the cake than I ever quote for!!


I can make pretty much what ever flavour you might want, just ask, but the most common are vanilla, chocolate, lemon, carrot and fruit.


The number of portions depends on the size you cut; however as a general rule, fruit cake portions are based on 1 inch square. Sponge cake slices are generally larger.


Price Guide

Round Sponge Cakes                                                           Square Sponge Cakes

·       6" Sponge cake from £35                                                6” Square cake from £40                     

·       8" Sponge cake from £50                                                8” Square cake from £55

·       10" Sponge cake from £70                                             10”Square cake from £75

·       12" Sponge cake from £85                                              12” Square cake from £90

·       14” Sponge cake from £100                                           14” Square cake from £105

Fruit Cake                                                        Novelty cakes

·        6" Rich fruit cake from £50                Carved novelty cakes/vehicles  from £60

·       8" Rich fruit cake from £65                 Ball / spherical cakes from £70 (based on 2 x 8” mixes)    

·     10" Rich fruit cake from £80                Rainbow cakes start from £50     

      12" Rich fruit cake from £95                 Extra tall cake – e.g. Unicorn cakes  quoted on volume.


Portion Guide 


Sponge Cake         Round                       Square

6"                            8-10 Portions            10-12 Portions

8"                           10-15 Portions          20-25 Portions

10"                       20-30 Portions          35-40 Portions

12"                        35-40 Portions           45-55 Portions


Fruit Cake              Round                        Square

6"                            15-20 Portions        25-30 Portions

8"                          40-50 Portions        50-60 Portions

10"                        60-70 Portions        70-90 Portions

12"                       80-100 Portions      110-130 Portions

Payment details                 


Once we have agreed on a cake design I require a non-refundable deposit of 25% to confirm the order. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until you have paid your deposit. For wedding cakes the balance is payable two weeks prior to delivery or collection of the cake. Cheques made payable to S Gambie. 


My kitchen is a domestic kitchen and although I do not use nuts in my baking I cannot guarantee a nut free / totally gluten free environment.  Please make clear any dietary requirements at the point of consultation.


Alterations/Amendments to orders

Alterations can be made to your order no later than one week prior to delivery or collection, this is subject to discretion and I may charge you for any additional elements added to the design.



Cancellation of your order can be made up to two weeks before the booked date, however you will forfeit your deposit. Orders cancelled after this time will be subject to a charge for any elements or components that have been made.


Delivery and Collection

If you wish to collect your order from me I am happy to advise on transportation, storage and assembly of your cake. If your cake is collected from Kilmington I am not liable for any damages to the cake once it has left my premises.

Please discuss with me  if you require local delivery.